Chandler De Angelis

Freelance software engineer

Hello! My name is Chandler De Angelis, and I have spent my whole career making iOS apps. I started learning how to code during college in 2011. I started with different programming books, reading a book about the C programming language, then Objective C, and then iOS development. A downside of bypassing a computer science degree was that I was not taught some basic computer science concepts like Big O Notation, some of the more complex data structures, or different kinds of sorting algorithms. To make up for this, I took classes from Harvard, Stanford, and other Ivy League universities through Apple's iTunes U program. My favorite class was Harvard's CS50 course, I highly recommend it for anyone who is thinking about learning programming. Don't worry, the instructor is amazing, and makes everything easy to understand.

I've worked on apps with tens of millions of users, and apps for small businesses generating millions in revenue. I've been writing Swift since it was released, and have a deep knowledge of Cococa Touch. I've worked on large legacy projects, slowly converted Objective-C codebases to Swift, and build apps in both Swift and Objective C from the ground up. I am also proficient in HTML and CSS, and I can hack Javascript. Check out my Github if you want to see some of my code, or see the source for this site (filing issues is totally welcome). You can also check out my LinkedIn for more information. I also have a blog that I post to occasinally.

I am working as a Senior iOS Developer at Mammoth Media, so I am not taking freelance clients at the moment. But if you have any questions, or just want to say hello, contact me.


These aren't the only apps I've worked on. Some are not available on the app store, and others were on the app store at one time, but have been taken down. If would like to know about these projects, contact me.