Software Engineer

Native iOS and Mac applications
Design + Development.

I've been making software since 2010, specializing in iOS. I've worked on apps with tens of millions of users, and apps for small businesses generating millions in revenue. I've been writing Swift since it was released, and have a deep knowledge of the Cocoa and Cococa Touch frameworks. I've worked on large legacy projects, slowly converted Objective-C codebases to Swift, and build apps in both Swift and Objective C from the ground up. Check out my Github if you want to see some examples of my code. You can also check out my LinkedIn for more information. I also have a blog that I post to occasinally.

Things I Can Do

My expertise is iOS development, including the following:

  • Write all the code
  • Design the architecture of the code
  • UI & UX design
  • Continuous Integration
  • iOS Automation

Recent Projects

These are some recent projects I have worked on. Some are not available on the app store, and others were on the app store at one time, but have been taken down. If would like to know about any other kinds of projects I have worked on, let me know. Here are a few of my most recent projects:

HIIT Trainer

I wrote and designed this app as a personal project, and continue to add features. If you like it, or have any features you'd like to see added, let me know!


I completely rewrote the app, moving it over from being a hybrid Cordova app, to being completely native. The app depends on offline functionality, requiring me to leverage URL caching and storing large amounts of data on disk for offline use. I also built custom animations, and had input on the design.


I played an integral role in the development of Yarn 5.0. I was responsible for building out the 'backend' of the app, which included networking, the data model, and caching, as well as setting up CI.


I built the initial implementation of the camera feature alonside one other iOS dev, using AVFoundation. I also created the ability for users to import music from iTunes, or the music library, into the Flipagram they were creating.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is a video streaming application on iOS for both iPhone and iPad, and is a major revenue source for Fox Sports. I worked on a team of 4 iOS developers, and helped implement new designs, as well as improve the efficiency of video streaming.

Fox Sports Big Board

Big Board was a very complex application. The app displayed real time stats for live games, showing play by play stats. I was one of the main developers on the project, designing architecture alongside other developers, and implementing frameworks used by other 3rd party developers.

Contact Me

If you want to inquire about my services, or just want to say hi, send me an email and I'll get back to you.