• Chandler De Angelis, Santa Monica iPhone Engineer made Wave App in a few weeks
  • Wave is made by Chandler De Angelis, Santa Monica iOS Developer
  • The Wave iOS App is developed by Chandler De Angelis


Wave is an awesome way to find out about new people, places, and things that matter to you. See what restaurants people like in your area, or what movie your friends like. Wave at your friends to give them credibility for their skills, and build an online reputation through people waving at you. Wave will be released on the App Store in Winter 2013/2014.

  • Pin2Own by Chandler De Angelis - iPhone App Developer
  • Pin2Own is by Mobile Designer Chandler D.
  • Pin2Own is a real estate app by Chandler, an iOS Developer
  • Pin 2 Own by Chandler De Angelis - iOS Engineer


Pin2Own is the perfect app to keep track of your dream homes, or homes that aren't currently on the market. To "pin" a home, just press your finger on the home you like. You can take a photo of it, mark it "for sale", enter the realtor's information, and more. If you absolutely love a home that isn't on the market, you can purchase a postcard with a message to the owner. We will send it to the home and try to discuss an offer. It is free on the app store, so download it to check it out!

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GodVine is a video streaming app that I had a significant role in making. I built the user interface, integrated the RESTful API, and helped architect the API.

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